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Playing on live casino is a growing trend and in 2019 we see a big number of online casinos that launch with a big focus on live casino. On this page we have created a list with online casinos that allows you to play Roulette, Black Jack, and other fun casino games with live dealers. We are always first at listing the newest live casinos so be sure to visit GamblingAdvisor when you are going to choose a live casino to try your luck on.

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Play live casino 2019

At a online casino in UK, about 20 percent of players prefer to play at the casino's table game. That's why most casinos offer a good range of table games, and here are the most popular table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold'em and also some additional poker games and dice games. Table games like Roulette and Blackjack are often available in a variety of variants and with different limits to suit different types of players.
A few years ago, players began to offer the opportunity to play table games at a live casino where players play against a personal casino host. Casino values ​​divide cards, spin on wheels and take care of all bets on the table, just like in a regular casino. This allows the players to get a much bigger gaming experience as close as possible to sitting directly at the game table.
That you can talk with the casino host, ask questions or chat a bit about the game, while playing through a chat, makes the gaming experience even bigger. Now you're no longer alone at the game table, but instead you're part of a social gathering. Some live online casinos also offer multiple players the opportunity to play at the same game table, which makes the game even more entertaining and exciting.
Most online casinos offer their players the opportunity to play at a live casino today. There are also several casinos specializing in live casino, which means they can offer players a very wide range of table games at the live casino, so most players will be able to find their favorite games.

Swedish provider of live casino

Nowadays there are several companies that offer live casino, but it is a company that stands out a bit extra and it is the Swedish company Evolution Gaming, which is one of the leading companies when it comes to live casino. Evolutions Gaming delivered live casino to the vast majority of casinos in the European gaming market and today you can play at a live casino with a live dealer who speaks your own language. This means that there are live dealers that speak English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish etc. Of course, it will be even more enjoyable to play at a live casino.
The casinos using Evolution Gamings live casino can today offer their players the best gaming environment, best resolution and multilingual casino stores. It also offers a game environment and a quick connection for players who prefer to play live with mobile devices.

Game offer at a live casino 2019

At a live casino you can usually play a large number of different table games, which depends a bit on the casino you play. At a live casino you will usually find table games like Roulette and Blackjack, in several different variants. There is also the possibility to play Baccarat, Casino hold'em and also some other poker games. At some online casinos you can find some more unusual table games at the live casino such as Yatzy, but also other dice games, lucky wheels and Keno draws.
For obvious reasons, the range of table games at a live casino is not as big as the regular casino, which is because a live casino requires a lot of resources. However, the supply will improve over time and in the near future, you will certainly be able to play most of the table games even at a live casino.

Casino bonuses on a live casino

There are today some online casinos that chose to focus on offering their players a very good range of games at a live casino. Here you will find an enormous game range with table games in different variants and with different limits, so that even grand players can play their favorite games. Those live casinos who chose to offer a good range when it comes to live casino, usually there are very generous casino bonuses that can be used for gaming at the live casino. It can range from a deposit bonus, a free bonus to cashback, which means that you get a portion of your losses back.
If you prefer to play at a live casino, you can compare the bonuses here at GamblingAdvisor. Here you will find lots of information that will make it easier for you to find the live casinos that offer both the best range of table games but also the most generous casino bonuses in the market.

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